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At home in Roseville, CA

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Antoni Dorothea Jacobson-Hansen (Dorothy's Grandmother)

Back left to Front right (Mads is missing in this picture)
10 Children:
Mads (not there), Jens, Thora, George Lena, Emma, Maurice, Dora, Walter, and Irene.

"Dorothea worked as a midwife around the island. She always had time to help when a new grandchild was coming or when anyone needed help, she was there. She was a great person and loved by everyone."
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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Indiana get together '66

Dorothy arranged with a friend to have the kids get together in Indiana at this home for a get together before Corinne and family headed over to Korea.
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Dorothy and her groom @ their summer retreat

Pikeville, TN - Summer of 1986
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Dorothy's Family gathers to lay her to Rest

June 5, 1998 - Lincoln, Nebraska
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Alfred Iverson (Dorothy's Maternal Grandfather)

A printer by trade, died early from Tuberculosis.
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Reading to her Five girls under age 5 !!

Backs to us: Billie and Charlene
Facing us: Corinne, Natalie, Dorothy, Jeanie (baby)
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Feb 21, 1998 BD Party

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Mads Hansen (Dorothy's Grandfather) w/ daughter Emma Christiana Hansen

Mads Hansen was born 6/14/1849 in Norway and died 4/27/1907 on Washington Island, WI. His father was Hans and his mother was Kristen. Their home was near Arendal, Norway. Mads and his brother arrived in New York in June 1876 and settled on Rock Island, WI. Mads became a US citizen in 1898.

Mads' wife, Antoni Dorothea Jacobson was born 2/28/1857 in Larvig, Norway and died 6/14/1936. She was 16 when her family immigrated to America and settled on Rock Island, WI.

Mad's and Dorothea were married in the Moravian Church in Ephraim in Door County, WI 9/18/1877. They bought land in Jackson Harbor on the Island, which they had to clear. They had 10 children, 5 girls and 5 boys, Alfred (Dorothy's dad being the oldest).

Mad's died at age 58 of a heart attack while working on the farm. Dorothea bought a nice home in Washington Harbor on the Island and continued her work as a midwife.

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Family Portrait

Left to Right
  • Harold Laurence Hanson
  • Pearl Hanson
  • Laura Helena Iverson-Hanson (Mother)
  • Dorothy Regina Hanson
  • Mildred Loraine Hanson
  • Alfred Mads Hanson (Dad)
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Posing with Murray's Mother - 1930

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Summer 1929 (17 yrs old - college sophomore)

Dorothy helped pay her college tuition by selling religious books during the summer in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. She would strike out by herself in rural areas and stay with whichever farm house she ended up at. This was truly a different age.

This picture was taken during her 2nd year of summer sales. This picture was taken at the "Laursen farm" in Luck, Wisconsin.
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